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What makes you successful in Life? Is it being well liked or highly thought of or being a high school star? I think being successful is achieving goals that you have set throughout your life. It is not lying and stealing but being honest and hard working throughout your life.
Throughout the play, I would like to mention four characters that were important in my mind; Willy Loman, Linda, Biff, and Happy. Willy is the main character who is an older salesperson who is lost in false hopes and illusions, a man who dreams of an easy success and wealth, but throughout his life, never achieves much. I felt sorry for him because he thinks he is doing the right thing in life, working and teaching his sons to be successful but everything he does leaves him hopeless. Like Biff, his son said at his funeral that his dad was lost is the same way I feel about him. He was trying but he was bad at his attempts. Linda said in the last scene that, Willy was good with his hands. If he did something different, different carrier maybe the ending wouldn’t be so depressing for him.
Linda is the wife to Willy, Biffs and Happy’s mother. She is a strong character in the play. She is very supportive and protective of him knowing that Willy is tired. She knew he tried committing suicide, and that is because he is mentally ill. She is always trying to stand between Willy and her sons to ease the tension. This is because her respect to her husband is great and she still loves him for who he is. This makes her loyal.
The elder son of Willy, who is thirty-four years old, is Biff. He led a charmed life in high school as a football star, lots of friends, and female admirers. He flunked his senior math class which held him back from graduating and being succe...

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...e Happy was lying about his job, he, himself has been lying to his parents and even Willy was living in a lie. Biff realized that and wanted change. At the end in anger he told the truth and admitted the lies kept the family from reaching success.
“Death of a Salesman,” is not a play with a happy ending. One way I could identify or compare is the conflict between kids and parents. In my life, especially when I was living at home my parents had rules every sibling had to follow. As I grew older I did not agree with everything my parents believed in, which created conflict between us. I always thought my parents were too controlling with trying to enforce their rules on us. But once I got married and moved out there is a lot I realized. I realized my parents only wanted best. Biff in the end realized too that his father wasn’t bad; he was just after the wrong dream.

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