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Hunting as we all know can be a very controversial sport in the eyes of the public. Hunting as described by Webster’s Dictionary is the activity or sport of chasing and killing wild animals. There are numerous different ways to hunt the same animal as well as innumerable different species of animals to hunt. Hunting includes trapping, shooting, and even fishing. Americans tend to hunt for the sport of it while citizens of other countries often depend on the catch of the prey to feed their families and communities.
Hunting dates back as far as history exists as a primary source of food for mankind. It can also be found in nature often referred to as the “circle of life.” Suppose a hunter is on a ridge with his gun sighted in on a deer far out in the distance. By pulling the trigger the hunter will not only take the deer’s life but provide life at the same time. He will use the deer to feed himself and his family providing them the necessities to survive; therefore, by consuming the deer it becomes a part of him. Later when the man and his family die they will be returned to the earth to decay and become soil. This will result in grass to grown and feed future deer for another hunter from another time to start the process all over. This is just one of uncountable examples of how man contributes to the circle of life. The same situation also occurs between other animals not just man. In the classic Disney movie “The Lion King” Mufasa explains the circle of life to Simba when he is just a lion cub. Mufasa is explaining to Simba the respect he should have for all creatures “from the ant to the antelope.” Simba asks “But dad don’t we eat the antelope?” Mufasa responds stating "Yes, Simba, but let me explain. When we die,...

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...y to hunt by many communities and environmentalist alike.
Despite there being numerous argumentative points for both the hunter and the environmentalist there is no definite answer as to whether hunting should be permitted or not. Each individual has their own perspective on hunting and what is acceptable and what is intolerable. Hunting may be viewed as acceptable for survival purposes only by some and others may approve sport hunting as well. Some environmentalist would like to see all forms of hunting and trapping completely banned including pig and dairy farms. Hunting can be seen as a way to entertain and relax in one’s eyes while it can also be seen as the cruelest form of animal cruelty and murder from another individual’s perspective. Hunting is completely subjective to the views and morals of the person trying to decide what is right and what is wrong.

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