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IQ test stands for an ‘intelligence quotient’ test, or a cognitive ability test and these tests are taken frequently by many people as a measure of one’s intelligence. The view that an IQ test accurately determines, or even estimate, and individual’s intelligence is very arguable, and has not been without controversy. IQ tests work on the notion of Symbolic Logic, and since this is not correlated with intelligence, there is uncertainty over what is being measured. The very notion of intelligence can be debated on vigorously, due to the vast possible definitions of the essence of intelligence. Te means by which an IQ test is developed can also greatly influence the outcome , as the test depends on what the test maker considers as intelligent.
Symbolic, or mathematical, logic is a smaller field in mathematics, relating closely to philosophical logic and computer science. 1 In relation to IQ tests, they measure fluid reasoning, quantitative reasoning, visual-spatial processing and working memory. 2 However, IQ tests do not measure creativity, which is a huge factor in an individual’s intelligence. They also do not measure practical intelligence, which is the concept of individuals using their knowledge to make best use of themselves with the demands of the environment. Lastly, it doest not measure emotional intelligence, which is described as the ability to assess and control one’s emotions, as well of other people. Thus if looked at overall, IQ tests do not test an individual’s varying different forms of skills and intelligence.
Intelligence can be very simply defined by a dictionary as ‘the ability to comprehend; to understand and profit from experience’. 3 However, many researches and psychiatrists have proposed many id...

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...een aimed at how IQ tests have become outdated. A 2006 paper stated that mainstream contemporary test analysis does not reflect substantial recent developments in the field and “bears an uncanny resemblance to the psychometric state of the art as it existed in the 1950s.” 6 Harvard professor Stephen Jay Gould criticized IQ tests, saying that intelligence tests were based on faulty assumptions. 7
Though IQ tests can be successfully used to predict future scores in a similar field, as demonstrated by the study done by the American Psychological Association, 7 in conclusion intelligence is a very broad topic, and its definition needs to be as such. Many different kinds of intelligences may exist within every individual. A test limited to testing only one area of and individual’s capabilities is limited and cannot be used to judge a person’s true intelligence.

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