Essay on The Struggle of Overpopulation: China’s Fight Against Numbers

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With the largest population of any country in the world, much attention has been focused on China's ability to handle the overwhelming crowds in such a dense area. China bolsters a population of 1.38 billion citizens, many of whom are unable to live in under proper conditions. Overpopulation has led to unhealthy living conditions that can lead to severe health problems. It is easy to look at the positives of having many people to form a workforce and build the country’s infrastructure. However, the simple question of where does everyone fit has become a great crisis in recent decades. It has become clear to Chinese government that being the most-populated country in the world can lead to many issues that require different policies to be put in place.
The One Child Policy was implemented to slow down and limit the population growth in China. The One Child Policy was a rule that permitted each family to only have one child. This rule was enacted in 1979 by the Chinese government . This policy was put into effect to better control China's issue of overpopulation. Chinese government hoped that new rule would decrease the birth rate, which could help stabilize the population. The government put this policy in effect because in the 1970's they realized that in the future there would be an unsustainable amount people in China. They viewed the benefits of this policy to be that every child would have access to education. From this education each person would then be able to receive a job and earn a salary. Another benefit is that the families that follow this rule would have health insurance and child care offered to them. Having these items paid for by the government, allowed for citizens to save money for t...

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