Essay about Statement of Purpose for a Masters in Telecommunications

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Today, we are not just at the threshold of a new world but much deeper into it; we have been living and witnessing the materialization of change through developing technologies. The technologies used for telecommunications have changed greatly over the last 50 years. These changes are central to the foundation of the 21st century, are continuously evolving providing potential for newer ways of changing our world and making it a better place to live in. The field of telecommunications has always fascinated me, the way it dwarves the vastness of the world or how it has helped people connect with each other. Having pursued Electronics and Communication at my undergraduate level further propelled my passion for telecommunications along with providing me a deeper insight and in-depth understanding of the subject. I believe that a proper master’s degree will help me realize the true potential of telecommunications and help realize my aspirations.

My parents set the foundation to my life and nurtured me through a value system which makes me what I am today and defines what success means to me. I have always had the freedom to choose my work according to what interested me and had the flexibility to grow in the career path of my choice. My interest in Mathematics made me realistic in my approach towards life and its complicated challenges. With the interest towards communications during my school days, I had visualized a blueprint of how my professional life should look like. I took up Mathematics and Physics stream in my senior school education. With further determination, I completed my under-graduation in Electronics and Communication engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology, a premier college with state of art facilities, af...

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...ess communications, I am aspiring to pursue my Masters in Telecommunications which will provide me the right kind of platform for my aspiration.

The Telecommunications program at “ “ would be a perfect match for me to pursue my Masters degree. This program is a perfect match for me as it has a perfect blend of technical and management courses. Since we have transcended into the age of e-commerce I believe that leadership in telecommunications is essential and pursuing the master’s degree in your prestigious university will help me achieve this.

I would like to contribute to the research going on in your University to the best of my capacity and utilize the facilities in a responsible manner. I am confident that I can deliver and live up to my expectations with the best of conduct. Thanking for giving me an opportunity to apply to your prestigious university.

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