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James Kenneth McManus, popularly known as Jim McKay, was born on September 14, 1921 in Philadelphia. When growing up, McKay grew a huge passion for sports, starting with horses. His love for horse racing is what led him to eventually pursue a career in journalism. When he was thirteen McKay moved with his family to Baltimore, where he would grow up and later graduate college at Loyola College, class of 1943. McKay began his career as the editor of the Loyola College school newspaper, The Greyhound. His professionalism and sincerity is what led the School of Journalism College President Brian Linnane to consider McKay “one of the few individuals who represented the values and ideals of this institution.” (Kramer, “McManus, James Kenneth (Jim McKay)”)
In 1943, McKay graduated Loyola College in the heat of World War II and enlisted into the Navy. He served the military from 1943 to 1946 and quickly raised the ranks to become captain of a minesweeper mission escorting convoys from Trinidad to Brazil. Upon completing his tour, the Baltimore Sun offered McKay a job as a police reporter, which eventually led to his career as a sport broadcaster and sportswriter when the company shifted him to their television division.
In 1950, McKay moved from Baltimore to New York to host a local 90-minute variety show for CBS. The executive producers of the show wanted him to change his name from James McManus to what he is now referred to as, Jim McKay, in order to coincide with the shows title, “The Real McKay.” Over the next decade, he pursued other ventures for WCBC-TV and CBS network as a weatherman, a public-affairs moderator, a game show host and a sportscaster. As a sportscaster, he covered the Masters golf tournament, Ivy League college footb...

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