Resarch Paper Proposal: The Box Jellyfish

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Resarch Paper Proposal: The Box Jellyfish

As far back as I can trace my memories I remember that as a child I always liked to be in the water. Swimming pools were my absolute favorite. Wherever I went, I would always ask if there was a swimming pool. However, things changed when my parents took me to Florida for the first time. When I looked out onto the ocean my parents told me that the first words that came out of my mouth were, “Look mom, dad it’s a huge swimming pool!” I bet anyone can guess what happened next; I took off on a mad dash right into the ocean. The thing is, it was nothing like a swimming pool, but it seemed so much better. Over time, I became fascinated with all of its characteristics and still, I am unbelievably captivated by the ocean.
When I found out about our multi-genre research paper and how we could pick absolutely any topic we wanted to write about, I had no idea what to choose. I had a few things run through my mind, for example, things that have been of interest to me lately, but none seemed to be good enough for me to write about. Then, so...

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