Racism and Classism in Modern Society in Venezuela Essay

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As advanced as we are in society today, racism still surrounds us and every day we are exposed to racially discriminating behaviors. Many people have no idea about the level of racism that we are in today. People may imagine that everything is fine and opportunities are available for whoever wants them, but things are not fine and opportunities to attain a better life are difficult to come by. Individuals who experience racism can realize the level in which the world stands today. It might not be as clear as it was, perhaps, during the time of slavery, but if we open up our eyes we will notice that it is still everywhere. Injustice and discrimination although it does exist on both places is much more severe in my home country in Venezuela that it is in the United States. At this point in our history it’s sad that certain humans think they’re superior to other races because of their skin color or religion. However, we have come a long way from the centuries past, which were the times of slavery. Being so close to 2010, racism should have been completely a thing of the past.
In Caracas, Venezuela, the country where I’m from, life could be a little different compared with here in the states. Caracas is a very deteriorated place. From the time that I was three years old we had a lady who worked in our house, whose name was Osmari. Osmari was from Bogota, Colombia. She was considered my nanny. She helped to raise me and was very much a member of our family. However, in the rest of Venezuela, outside our front door, she was considered unequal. This is a country where rich people have access to everything they want; money is power. The lower class has zero opportunity, whatsoever, to do something with their life except to work for wea...

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...tally. We really loved her.
Here you can understand the difference in the type of life that Osmari experienced. Unfortunately for all of us, her visa was denied by Venezuela and she had to return to Venezuela without being allowed back until they decide to approve her status again. She currently works with my grandmother and my uncles back in Caracas. Obviously, she is still happy and has a great life since she is still with our family, all of whom love her and care for her. For us here, though, every day of our lives we miss her immensely. We cannot wait until the day when we receive the call saying that her visa was approved and that she will be joining us again. But until then, the level of prejudice in Venezuela when compared with that in the United States will continue to grow more different as we, here, continue to be more inclusive and Venezuela, exclusive.

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