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Quality Improvement Plan - Part Three
Quality improvement initiatives are effective only when the organizational structure and culture are aligned with a similar vision for the provision of quality care delivery and a commitment to continuous improvement. Organizations must take an active approach to measure, assess, and improve processes creating an environment supporting quality improvement initiatives (Spath, 2014). The creation of this type of environment should be evident from the top tier of leadership to the front-line employees, creating a culture supporting the delivery and sustainability of quality care. The following paragraphs will identify and discuss the authority structure of the quality improvement plan including the roles and responsibilities of the members involved in the plan implementation. Additional discussion will include the roles of communication, education, and evaluation of the quality improvement plan. Finally, identification and discussion of the impact external entities have on the project and the strategies needed to overcome potential challenges to the project implementation.
Authority Structure
Traditional quality management systems employ a tiered authority structure appointing the highest level of authority to the board of directors. In 1990 the Central Office of Veterans’ Health Affairs decentralized the quality management structure to empower facility staff to develop a tailored approach to quality improvement based on the needs and circumstances of their individual facilities (Young, Martin, Charns, & Barbour, 1997).
The individual facilities of the Veterans’ Health Administration have employed a quality management structure appointing the facility Director as the official with absolute a...

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...nd preparation to overcome obstacles preventing the successful implementation of quality improvement plans.

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