Public Schools Should Use the Montessori Teaching Method Essay

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The public school systems are struggling to meet the needs of all students. Now the traditional public schools include everyone in the same classroom including typical and atypical students. The principals and parents expect teachers to teach each individual with the same amount of one-on-one time. In reality, this does not happen because some students are not as intelligent and need the extra attention. Public schools are more worried about having children be at a certain education level before moving on to the next grade or until they get a certain score on standardized tests. Maybe it is time that the traditional public schools change their methods to incorporate Maria Montessori’s where each individual moves at their own pace instead of expecting the students to be at a certain point at a certain time. Public schools should use more Montessori methods to meet individual needs.
Maria Montessori was a very influential person from Rome that created an educational practice that is still thriving to this day. After finishing grade school she decided to better her education by attending the University of Rome graduating in the mid-1890s among Italy’s first female physicians (CITE). When researching in college at the psychiatric clinic, she became interested in the study of students who had learning problems, so she began trying different ways of teaching them (Times Pg 71). She wanted this way of educating to apply to all students, not just those who had learning disabilities. Maria Montessori wanted her method to let each pupil be their original self and their imagination to pour out of them. The atmosphere of the classroom should fit each student; Montessori wanted small tables, little chairs, low cupboards, low windows, etc. for...

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...heir own self. Teachers were encouraged to “follow the child” like Maria would say, just let the children figure the problem out by themselves. Her method continued to grow and most of the world was beginning to hear about it (Helfrich 8).

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