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In order for a person to be successful in their career a few key elements are needed. A person’s professional values and ethics play a major role in how a person performs on the job it also determines how one becomes a success. All three elements go hand-in-hand without one of them a person’s career may be affected negatively. In this paper we are going to discuss professional values and ethics and how they determine if a person will be successful in their career.
There are many definitions of ethics. Business ethics does not have a definition on its own for ethics (Sparks & Pan, 2010). We would like to name some of the most important ethics that there are, when it comes to a successful career. Trust, respect and dependability are some of the main ethics you should have when it comes to success in your career. You want your boss to know that you are trustworthy, respectful and dependable. As an example, if a person has a job that requires being at work by a specific time he or she should arrive and leave when they are supposed to. If the employee sees that he or she is dependable he will start to trust them, which means they are considered trustworthy. Always respect rules that one is given. One of the rules could be patient’s rights. We don’t talk about them outside the office, which makes us respect the patients’ right to privacy. Another example would be if they work for a company and take the weekend shift. The boss does not have to watch every move we make and takes the weekend off, which means we are in control of his company. He trusts us with his successful company and respects the fact that we are dependable people.
Professional values apply a level of professionalism based on a moral and ethical standard. In the artic...

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...guilty, professional ethics are indicated. Since the solicitor cannot represent the client, because the solicitor knows that the client is guilty and it would be ethically wrong to represent a plea refuting this.
In conclusion, for a person to be successful in their career a few key elements are needed. Professional values and ethics play a major role in a person’s career and without them a person cannot be successful in their career.

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