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The metropolitan county Orlando/Orange county is mostly famous for the tourist

attraction of Walt Disney, but it has political issues that only the people who are

interested would know about. Members of the Orlando City Council are the Mayor-

Commissioner, elected at-large, (candidates are chosen by all of the vote in the

community, and elected for four year term) and six City Commissioners who are elected

from respective districts. All are elected for four-year terms. Special meetings may be

held at the call of the mayor, there are 6 district commissioners. District Commissioner 1-

5 respectively is Phil Diamond, Betty T. Wyman, Vicki Vargo, Patty Sheehan, Daisy W.

Lynum. Ernest Page who is the mayor and also the District 6 Commissioner he was

elected Commissioner in 1996, re-elected in 2000 and 2004. Became mayor in March 11,

2005 in mayor Buddy Dyer’s absence.

Ernest Page’s work experience includes, Ernest Page Realty, Valencia Community

College, (adjunct instructor, real estate), CNA Insurance Company; (division manager),

Customer Service, accounting collections, security, record administration,

telecommunications, purchasing, fleet administrator, Xerox Corporation, (marketing and

sales), Martin Marietta Corporation; property management, buyer, employment specialist,

Orange County School Board, (classroom teacher). Page’s stated that, “On March 11,

2005, I assumed the role of Mayor of Orlando and I am honored to serve this great City

in this capacity. As I begin my service as Mayor, I will work daily with senior staff and

the Cabinet to ensure we will maintain the excellent level of service that our citizens have

come to expect and deserve. Please be assured that the City will operate with the same

consistency and efficiency as we have in the past”

Requirements for Qualification as Candidate for Office of Mayor-Commissioner or

City Commissioner. Each candidate for the Office of Mayor-Commissioner or District

Commissioner of the City of Orlando shall have been, at the time of qualifying as a

candidate for such office, both a bona fide resident of the City of Orlando and a

registered elector of the City of Orlando for at least one year prior to the date of

qualifying to run for City office.

Each candidate for a City of Orlando district Commiss...

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...e into t

he 21st century. The City is using the economic prosperity brought about by the region's

enormous tourism industry to attract new targeted industries that will provide a better

balance to our economy. This will allow our community to achieve economic prosperity

while preserving a high quality of life.
To accomplish Orlando's goal of economic prosperity, the City will focus on the
following areas:

I. Promoting the City's targeted growth industries;
II. Nurturing and cultivating small business development;
III. Engaging in innovative programs that educate the workforce;
IV. Supporting neighborhood economic development; and
V. Encouraging infill and redevelopment within the Traditional City.


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current resident of Orlando (3 years)

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5. Orlando: City of Dreams (Making of America)
by Joy Wallace Dickinson.

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