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          Nowadays, in this world, there are a lot of problems that can make tremendous conflicts for human beings. They are very complicated and bring a lot of argument and nobody knows what the exact answer is. They also have pros and cons. One of the most complex problems is abortion. This is due to moral and ethical values which we all have. The majority of us are Christians or are brought up in that kind of ambiance which means that as small children we were taught values that are based on the bible such as that famous phrase “Thou shall not kill”. This phrase relates to this topic because an abortion is the murder of a human being.

     A 52% of women getting abortions performed on them are younger than 25 years old and 19% are teenagers. The abortion rate is highest for those women aged 18 to 19 (56 per 1,000 in 1992 pregnancy reasons for this alarming rate are various and vary from person to person. But the most common decision to have an abortion is to postpone childbearing. This decision is mostly picked by the older group of women in this statistic. Another alarming fact is that a percentage of women are been pressured into abortion. Either by peers or by them realizing that they could no longer do the things they did before they became pregnant and that is when they encounter a struggle with their values. Since there is also a considerate percentage of teenage girls having abortions they are at high risk for developing serious emotional and psychological problems following abortion. Such as the impact abortion can have on a minor's emotional health, physical health, fertility, and future pregnancies. All these factors can play an important role in the future of that teenager. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the Roe v. Wade case which in 1973, the Supreme Court decided the case of Roe v. Wade, and made abortion legal for the first time in the United States. This decision allowed women the choice to decide if they are going to terminate a pregnancy, and it allowed women the right to get a safe and legal abortion. From 1880 to 1973 abortions were illegal, and many women were having illegal and very unsafe abortions-often causing permanent damage to their reproductive organs or sometimes even death from i bleeding or infections. Since the decision was handed down by the Supreme Court, women's access to abortion ha...

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...); forbidding of abortions for certain reasons( laws)

     Abortion is a significant issue in our life because it might happen to anybody, even to our relatives . We see in just one problem, abortion, there are a lot of pros and cons. There is still no conclusion because both sides of the argument be can be seen from many points of view. If you are one who supports Pro-life or Pro-choice group, you cannot judge if the other group has a different way of thinking although we still have a tendency to do this . People cannot judge Pro-life people as a people who have no respect for human feeling because they would not allow a woman who had been raped to have an abortion. On the other hand people cannot say that Pro-choice is a better group because they are more aware of human needs. People will never know the feelings of women who have had an abortion unless they are the ones that are facing the abortion decision. To face this problem, people need to spend their time on the main points of each group to think and to weigh both sides to make the best decision and fro there go with what best suits your style of thinking or values after all the choice is yours.


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