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Mexican-Americans' Fight for Equality in America

The United States has always been thought of as the the land of opportunity. Why is it that for years Mexican-Americans have been mistreated and discriminated against? There are millions of people that live in the US that are of Mexican descent. Throughout the Mexican-American history they have faced constant struggles to be recognized as equal citizens. The white man drove them from their own homes when they first settled in America. The Anglo settlers did not hold much if any respect for the Mexicans. The fight for their civil rights has been going on since the 1800s. It wasn't until the 1960s when the Chicanos were formed that affirmative action began to take place.

The Americans settled all over the United States and in the 1820s began showing interest in the West because of trade with Asia. Certain leaders were sent out on missions' to "help" better the lives of the Indians and Mexicans. When the white settlers first came to West they viewed the Indians and Mexicans as savages. They did not think of them as human because their lifestyle was unsuitable, or rather different then their own. The only way that they could tolerate them was to try and change their way of living. They attempted to convert them into the Christian religion, to change the way they ate, what they ate, how they ate it, the way they dressed, teach them English, etc. "The object of the missions is to convert as many of the wild Indians as possible, and to train them up within the walls of the establishment in the exercise of a good life, and of some trade, so that they may be able to provide for themselves and become useful members of civilized society."1

The Mexicans did not like nor we...

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...ecause the white people treated the Mexicans so unfairly the Mexicans united against them and formed a unity that has lasted until today.

In Michelle's paper she recaps the history of Mexicans in the United States that was not completely dealt with in either the website or the movie. Michelle points out that the Latin@s history is essential to understanding the Mexicans experience. She also wrote of the Mexican's el movemiento and how the website and movie brought about different accounts of this momentous event.

In reading different papers about the Mexican-Amercican experience it expanded not only my knowledge but my opinion too. Nikki and Michelle brought up some interesting points, ideas, and thoughts on the Mexican's life in the United States. Through all my research on mexican's I have gained a better understanding of the Mexican's struggle.

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