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Essay on Advertising Cigarettes and Chewing Tobacco

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Advertising Cigarettes and Chewing Tobacco

Tobacco, tumor causing teeth staining smelly puking habit. Advertising has become a way of life. The average American is exposed to 3,000 advertisements a day. These advertisements come from the television, radio, news-papers, billboard signs, and countless other ways. The advertisers use different ways of attracting a consumer to buy their product. One of the strategies that the author will use is called appeals, which uses ethos (ethics), pathos (feelings), and logos (logic). Some people believe it is and will continue to destroy life and moral values in our nation. The rhetorical triangle is used very well in advertising; in some cases it is hard to catch the imbedded message. The rhetorical triangle is a style of writing that involves the author, audience, and purpose. The advertisement I will be analyzing in this paper is the Tobacco Company advertising. Not just the cigarettes, but the chewing ads as well. The issues I will be touching on are how these types of ads want to destroy us as people.

The objective of the author’s ads is to sell the product of their company no matter what kind of damage it will do to the human body. These people that are writing the ads are the companies’ bread and butter. These ads are what get their product out into the world and get people to notice them. The authors, in my mind, are criminals; they make the product look so sexy and target people that should not have tobacco. One thing the authors leave out is what their product will do if you use them for an extended period of time. They forget those kinds of pictures.

The audiences that the author is aiming for in cigarette ads are the youth ages eighteen to twenty. The reason they are ta...

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... is a really good way to get people to start chewing; I know I took a few free cans just so I could look at the girls. These chewing ads make people who are outdoor enthusiasts think they need to chew to fit in, it got to me. The only thing they do not show is the pictures of the men who do not have a jaw left from the cancer.

Advertisers for tobacco companies are the type of advertisers that will be the death of this country. It is a good thing that the government made them take there ads off of TV. They have very good ways of getting people to buy their products with sex appeal and dreams of thing that people who are targeted would want to happen to them. The companies do not have any ethics what-so-ever or at least they are not good ethics. All they care about is money. The youth of our nation does not need to be influenced by the murdering habit of tobacco.

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