Essay on Direct Teaching and Cooperative Learning

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Direct Teaching and Cooperative Learning

I believe the nature of children is to want to have fun. Therefore, teachers must make learning a fun experience. Children can only learn when they are given information and materials to learn from.

The overall purpose of education is to provide every child with a competent education. Education is an important aspect of everyone’s life. As a prospective teacher I hope to enrich the lives of my pupils. I want my students to be able to learn the basics such as reading, writing, and mathematics. Once children learn the basic principle, teachers can expand on this knowledge and progress into more learning.

I plan on using a combination of teaching methods. These methods will include direct teaching and cooperative learning. I believe these are the best methods for teaching elementary students. I also plan to do everything I can to ensure that my students have access to all the materials they need to fulfill their learning potential. Low-level questions are best used in the lower grades, so tha...

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