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Thoughtful Wedding Speech by the Groom

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Thoughtful Wedding Speech by the Groom

Ladies and gentlemen: I would like to thank the previous speaker for those sincere words and to the bride's parents for the love that they have both shown me, not only in preparation for today, but from the first moment that we met some two and a half years ago.

I dont know who was more surprised that first night when my future wife brought me home without warning, when they were sitting there all ready for bed in their satin bath robes and her dad in his Snoopy slippers.

Anyway quickly moving on... I did have a speech all worked out for this occasion, but of course now that I'm a married man, my wife has insisted that I read from the one that she has written for me.

So here goes: On behalf of my wife and I -I suppose I'm going to have to get used to saying that? I would like to start by thanking everyone here today for sharing our very special day with us. Thank you for all the wonderful gifts and cards that you have given us, we are very touched at your generosity.

We have both been very nervous about today and it means a great deal to us that you are sharing our day with us, and we hope that you are enjoying the occasion every bit as much as we are.

Most people on their wedding day describe it as the happiest day of their lives. That worries me, because it implies that as from tomorrow there's a lifelong decline ahead, so I`m making the most of today. However, I'm so happy today that even days less happy would still be blissful.

I would like to say a special thank you to those of you that have traveled some distance to be here today. It is quite a humbling experience to realize that you have friends and family that care so much for you. And I do genuinely mean that....

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...rything you have done today, and in the build up to the wedding, we have a small gift for you both.(Present gifts)

Now before I finish and ask you to join me in a toast. I believe that my lovely wife would like to gatecrash these speeches and say a few words.

(The bride?s speech)

Thankyou darling.

I would like to bring my speech toward a close by saying a very special thankyou to our lovely bridesmaids.

I am sure you will all agree on how beautiful they look and I will always treasure the picture in in mind of you both entering the room and walking down the aisle. I would like you to know that your earrings and neck-laces are a token of our appreciation for everything you have done today.

On that note. I would like to propose a toast to the bridesmaids, so could you all stand and and raise your glasses and join in as we toast. To the bridesmaids.

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