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I am on the cusp of a new industry, soon to be sweeping across the globe. Armed with little but a wet-dry vacuum, several filters, and empty jelly jars, I have found a way to bottle oxygen. Right now, I sell my oxygen to major companies that need oxygen to produce their products, such as agribusiness corporations to grow plants and Pepsi to make carbonated bubbles. Every time I wheel my machine into the middle of town, people complain between struggled breaths. My local government claims that oxygen is a need, not a right. If people want to breathe, then they can move to a new location or get air from a portable SCUBA tank.

Absurd, isn’t it? Taking a substance essential for life such as oxygen and selling it for profit would never be accepted or tolerated. Not a single government or commercial system could sell a vital substance and call themselves moral or ethical. The intolerable has become accepted, and a substance that is required to sustain life has been purchased. Not oxygen, water.

Water is increasingly privatized. Corporations have purchased fresh water resources, distribution, and use. Profit has been cultivated from use of fresh water and sale to consumers of water, in other words, every human. Right under the noses of the world, large corporations have purchased large quantities of fresh water for private use and sale. However, water is a finite supply and something that can’t be produced. The amount of fresh water in the world is dwindling along with universal access.

Fresh water composes an incredibly small percentage of the overall water supply in the world. Oceans contain salt water, undrinkable and even toxic to humans. Estimates of the percentage of non-salt ...

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...the water cycle clean, then other towns will also have clean water. Most importantly, as voters, listen for any legislation concerning public water rights in your community. If the issue of making a water system private ever comes up in a city council meeting, vote a resounding no. Having a large company own a public resource like water is a dangerous idea.

To act on a more global scale, there are several organizations that you can write for information. The United Nations Declaration of Universal Human Rights does not protect the right for every person to have access to clean water. Write your congressperson, executive leader, or start a small protest when they come to town, and have them put pressure on the United Nations to change the Declaration of Human Rights. Knowledge is the only weapon that will prevent wars for water in the 21 century.

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