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Advertising and Breast Augmentation Essay example

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Advertising and Breast Augmentation

    Why do we advertise products? What are the implications of these advertisements? How do advertisements further impact our society and culture? These are all very important questions to look at when discussing the motivation, success or failure and ultimately the impact of advertising. How does advertising affect our images of ourselves, and what we are ideally supposed to be? In trying to produce stimulating ads is the industry selling the viewers short of obtainable images? Obviously everyone is not built to be able to obtain the bodies set in the images before us, but many are willing to undergo surgical procedures to try and eventually obtain such body images.

Advertising is a multi-million dollar a year business which can make or break some companies and their goods. Everything must be sugar coated and looking its best to appeal to the consuming public. Within our society what looks the best when it comes to humans, and who sets the standards? This is very important when applied to women and the popularity of breast implants.



In a consumer driven society such as ours, advertising is very important. What companies depict in their ads is very important in relating to people's lives, dreams and societal ideals. The notion of societal ideals plays a very important part of what we see. For example, good mothers cook for their families and its O.K. for construction workers to whistle at pretty women as they walk by. But most importantly if we look at the images we see "good-looking", slender, and healthy people staring back at use from the television or print media. These images will carry through in our everyday lives to what stores we will ...

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