Essay on Filters Are Needed to Protect Children From the Internet

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      "You can no more leave your children to explore the internet

than you can leave them alone in Times Square in New York," states Lee

Munsil, the executive director of the National Family Legal Foundation

("Internet Regulation").  This analogy between the Internet and Times Square

is indeed quite accurate.  The Internet has a

plethora of information and resources, however for children especially it can

be quite dangerous if not monitored properly.  Most parents would opt not to

leave their children alone in New York City so how could they leave them

alone on the Internet?  The government should take a more active role in

controlling and regulating illicit material on the Internet in public

libraries by mandating the use of filtering software, the so-called "Internet



    Being relatively new, the Internet standards of regulation have not been

completely set.  Many forms of legislation have been made in regards to

regulation, and many are still being developed and decided in courts right

now. In particular, the First Amendment protection as it relates to Internet

content has not yet been determined ("Internet Filtering Software"). Most of

the legislative attempts to control the content on the Internet so far have

not been too successful.  They have been declared unconstitutional upon

judicial review.  Because it changes so often, the author of "Internet

Filtering Software," suggests that will be difficult for the government to

control the content placed on the Internet anytime soon.  There is, however,

great potential for filtering devices to be implemented in various

institutions involving children. ...

... middle of paper ...

...p its process in

setting the standards before more children see the horrific content on the



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