Racism and Freedom of Expression Essay

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Racism and Freedom of Expression

Now more than ever we are able to witness racism at its most severe.
With rising hostilities and racism between nations, inter – ethnic
racism and institutional racism.


As the world becomes a smaller place and the with emergence of
globalisation we may expect racism to be a thing of the past. However,
this is not the case. For reasons I have trouble understanding, the
world is coming to a point where racism is widespread and the
situation is becoming increasingly becoming worse.

Institutional racism

There are loads of examples of institutional racism in currently in
Britain. In the police, education system and the media. It was found
that a police officers of Merseyside police force circulated
offensive and racist images. One which was the image of a decapitated
black man and others with messages of racial hatred in them. But what
is astonishing about this story is that these officers were allowed to
keep their jobs and were fined no more than 3 days pay. Around £350.

Ten uniformed officers and 3 civilian workers were disciplined for
processing and circulating the images within the Merseyside police
force – one of Britain’s biggest forces.

A former Merseyside detective also found that racial abuse was often
used within the force and used to refer to those from ethnic

It was also reported that three police officers at the largest police
training centre where racial threats were sent by an anonymous fellow
trainee officer who said he was part of the neo – Nazi group.

The letters were sent to one black and two Asian trainees and
contained reference to “...

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...the cartoon depicting prophet Mohammed with no one
being punished and the case of David Irving illustrates do we really
have the right to say what we wish?

Yet when fundamental Muslims protest and dress as suicide bombers they
are reprimanded. It is a case of double standards.

When Salman Rushdie published the Satanic Verses there was a fatwa
issued against him in Iran. Should people be able to die for a
particular belief.

The racial hatred bill threatens our civil liberties – the government
now tells us what we are and are not allowed to believe.

Should we be able to believe what we want as long as we don’t act on

In London alone over 50 percent of reported homicide victims are black
people, this is disproportionate to the population and
disproportionate to the media reporting of such incidents.

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