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The Trials of Othello



In Shakespeare's Othello there are three main trials that build the plot of the play. In each of these "trials", Iago though not always the judge tries to be the puppet master. He does this by focusing on each characters fatal flaw.


    In the play the three main trails go as follows. First there is Othello's trial were he is being judged by the Duke and Brabantio regarding what happened with himself and Desdemona. The second and main trial is that of Othello judging Cassio, though it is not much of a trial per say because Othello is merely listening to what Iago has to say and does not even confront Cassio. The third and most dramatic trial is when at the end of the play Othello confronts Desdemona for the last time only to find out after he's killed her that Iago had been tricking him all along.


    When the play begins we are given Iago and Rodrigo in the street outside of Brabantios window debating if they should tell him what they had heard about Othello and Desdemona. This is where the first trial begins. Iago tells Brabantio that he had been "robbed... of half his soul... by a black ram." (1.3.82-85) Iago bakes sure to word everything he says as best he can, stretching any small truth into a lie but one that would appear true, given the circumstances. In this case Iago says to Brabantio that Othello has kidnapped Desdemona and goes on exaggerated everything he says so that when Brabantio gives his testimony to the Duke It sounds a lot like Iago is speaking. When told to answer to this accusation that he has abused and stolen Desdemona from Brabantio all Othello can say is "that I have ta'en aw...

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...o confronts Desdemona while she is alone in her room. He asks Desdemona if there is anything she wants to tell him to try and get rid of her sins. He also says that this would be best for her because his mind is made up and she is going to die anyway.  At this point Othello has convinced himself that what he is dong is fully justified because Desdemona will betray other men if he does not go through with it. Desdemona pleads for just one more day but he says that he just cannot grant this and that she must die now. Othello proceeds to suffocate Desdemona in her own pillow and though Othello hated to have to do it he at least feels that she can do no more harm but this all changes when everyone enters the room. After a few short dialogues Othello is informed that Iago had been lying the entire time and Othello proceeds to kill himself.



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