Test for Starch and Reducing Sugar Present in Apple and Pear Essay

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Test for Starch and Reducing Sugar Present in Apple and Pear
Title: Quantitative test for starch and reducing sugar present in
apple and pear

To find and compare the amount of starch and reducing sugars present
in apple and pear.

In testing the amount of reducing sugars, the fruits had to be
grounded into juice. Since reducing sugars are soluble, the sugar
present in the fruit would dissolve into the juice. We can dilute and
control the volume of fruit juice when doing the test, hence it is
easier to compare the quantity of reducing sugar in the same amount of
apple and pear. To test for reducing sugars, Benedict’s solution is
used. Benedict’s solution contains blue copper (II) ions that reduce
to red copper (I) oxide precipitates when added to reducing sugars. By
comparing the amount of precipitate present at the end of the test, we
can find out which fruit contains more reducing sugars.

The independent variable in this test is apple juice and pear juice,
the dependent variable is the amount of red precipitate present at the
end of the test. The controlled variables are the volume and
concentration of fruit juices, the temperature of the water bath, the
time of boiling and the volume of Benedict’s solutions added.

Since starch is insoluble, the above method is not suitable to test
for the amount of starch present in the fruits. The fruits had to be
cut into same sizes. Iodine solution is used to find the amount of
starch. Iodine solution turns from reddish-brown to dark blue when it
meets starch.


Test for reducing sugar:
1. apple and pear were grounded...

... middle of paper ...

... the pear rusted in the
air, also the juices might be contaminated while squeezing with the
same filter paper (teabag). The concentration of reducing sugar then
might not be true for the whole fruit. Also, the degree of rusting in
apple and pear was not the same. Thus this might alter the result.
In the iodine test, the size of drops of iodine solution might be
different, thus the measurement might be incorrect.

The apple was determined to contain a larger amount of reducing sugars
than the pear did.

Possible improvement:
Use a pipette for the transferal of solutions and juices to ensure
equal volume in both independent variables. Cut away the rusted
surface of the fruits before grounding them into juices. Use the same
dropper to add iodine droplets to the fruit, so as to minimize the

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