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I am perplexed. Here I lie on this thin, wispy bed-cloth, the humidity
making my insides boil whilst the howling wind surrounds the Grange.
Oh it's searing, so hot! It matters none, though; my Cathy has
returned. How could this ensue? How could that wretched Heathcliff
seize my darling Cathy? How does that infinitely evil mind operate?
The smarting of my temple does not allow me to ponder in peace. Yet, I
must, I must find answers. There is no time for my own complications,
however, both my Catherine's await.

Oh Catherine, it is my time; my time to unite with you. You were
exceptionally beautiful Catherine, and I loved you so. Why? Why did
you not share the same for me? I cared for your health, your wealth,
all. Why did you let yourself prefer the devil himself? We seemed so
joyous, Catherine, so content. You tossed it all, Catherine, all away
for a delusion.

Cathy… who appears so much like her mother. She is as free in spirit.

"Catherine" I murmur to my daughter. Her youthful gaze widens as her
tear-stained countenance creases into a smile.

"Father, you called me… Catherine" she speaks, as a tear streams down
her rose-tinted cheeks. I gather every ounce of my strength as I
endeavor to clasp her damp hand. I disputed in wonder subconsciously
whether to divulge her with the past. Her tears provoked me; she is
worthy of honesty. She is owed the truth concerning her alleged
relatives, a taste of remembrance towards her mother, and all the
impediments that she has not faced till yet. She needs to know of
treacherous Heathcliff.

"… Catherine," I commenced halfheartedly, "There is something you must
know." I strived...

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... treacheries… I understand
that at present, you are content with Linton, but please…Cathy…
Catherine… Please don't let him take you under his haunting force…"

"Father! Oh Father… I'll do whatever you say, I'll do whatever you
plead… Father, I love you so…" I could hear Cathy cry through my
sealed eyes. I encountered a jolt of unbearable pain through my body.
After experiencing a blinding sheen of purity, I imagined the fantasy
of a family, one place, one time, all together…No perplexities, no
Heathcliff…Catherine, my beloved, Cathy, my angel, and myself… Living
contently in the safety and lovely Thrushcross Grange. A small smile
creeped onto the anxiety that became my face, and I felt my soul soar,
light as a feather as the serrated reality seemed to fade from me…
from my mind… from my body.

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