Pollution and Environment Essay - Preserving Our Environment

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Preserving Our Environment

Many people assume that the environment is in no danger.  They believe that with advancing technology, we don't need to worry about renewing natural resources, recycling, and finding new ways to produce energy. They argue that one person in the world does not make a large difference. In actuality, each individual's contribution greatly affects our environment.  Our natural resources are running low, and we must work together to save them and the Earth from ruin.


        Recycling is so important in the effort to preserve our environment for future generations.  We are running out of places to put landfills.  My neighbor, Nick, believes that the U.S. has enough land for our own waste, and we should not concern ourselves with the rest of the world.  However, saving the environment is a team effort.  Everyone in the world must participate and work together in order for it to be successful.  While some have argued that one person does not make a large difference, the fact is they do.  Last year I lived with five other girls.  We set up a system in which everything that could be recycled was.  Between the six of us we ended up taking out the garbage once a week and taking out the recycling two or three times a week.  This year there are only four of us.  We haven't started recycling yet because we are still searching for a location to take all of our renewable garbage.  Without our system in place, we take out the garbage on a daily basis.  That is how much extra waste we accumulate without recycling, and these quantities reflect only the garbage of four girls.


        The U.S. should follow the example of other nations who have come up with innovative ways to use their garbage ra...

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...children about nature.  When these values are instilled at a young age, they stay with the child for life.  These children will grow up with a greater awareness of the plight of the Earth and will be better prepared to help in the fight.  In addition, some universities, such as the University of Michigan, allow students to minor in areas such as global changes which allows them to gain a greater understanding of current environmental issues.


        Through recycling, the use of innovative new ideas for energy, and education, it is possible to make great advances in preserving our surroundings.  People must first realize that there is in fact a problem, and then make a deliberate effort to contribute to the solution.  By taking the time to recycle and making use of technology such as solar power, we can save the environment for future generations to enjoy.

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