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Comparing Advertising

An advertisement is usually a text that is designed to attract the
attention of the consumer and try and persuade them to buy a product.
The advertisements that will be compared differ in many ways - but the
attribute that they both have in common is that that they are both
trying to sell something. Their purpose, audience, medium, language
and the devices that the copywriters employ will be discussed.

The two advertisements that will be looked at are in stark contrast to
each other. The first comes from The Daily Star, a newspaper widely
considered to be the "most tabloid" of all of the tabloid newspapers
in Britain. Synonymous with paper are sex scandals and libel cases.
Thus, the target market of the Daily Star differs from that of The
Times, The Guardian or the other broadsheet newspapers. Its target
market are the British working class - or what advertisers would call
"Group C or D." The advertisement is selling contracted mobile phones.

The other advertisement is very different. It is selling a
professional printer - a "proofer" - and the fact that it is in the
medium of a leaflet would suggest that only people actually in need of
this specialist equipment would be in possession of this

Firstly the message of the advertisement will be discussed. The
message of first advertisement is made very obvious from commanding
"negative scale" (white on black) title at the top of the page which
reads, "Switch to pay monthly, choose a better deal." The purpose of
the advertisement is dual, firstly to sell the idea of having a
contracted mobile phone and secondly to sell specific phones under th...

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The second advertisement is more complicated by comparison
incorporating both graphical and textual aspects. The sub heading of
each section of information is in bold and various other pieces of
important information are arranged similarly. The appropriate pictures
accompany the text, creating a multimedia feel to the advertisement.
The mixture of graphics and text give the advertisement a good
structure whilst still enticing the reader's interest in the product.

To conclude, two very different advertisements have been examined both
aiming to fulfil the same role in a very different way. That role - as
with all advertisements - is to sell a product, By incorporating
different techniques that the advertisers felt would be most
appropriate for the target audience both advertisements seemed to have
done this well.

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