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Short Story

A cold Tuesday morning in November DCI Evans is on his way to work
pondering on what the day will bring. he enters his office

when a colleague opens his door and asks.

"James do you want a coffee?" the detective replies

"Yes sure thanks" his colleague leaves. James looks though some old
case files when he came across a murder that brings him Horrifying
visions. There's a knock on his door, it brings him out of his trance
its his boss. He comes in and announcers that he has another case
"James im sorry to call you into work today but there's been a
suspected murder at Southampton University" James replies "Never mind
it'll take my mind of it, I'll get on that case now."

Today was the fifth anniversary of his wife's passing, but James was
very committed to his work, he thought about his case's in his spare
time. If he was doing anything else it was finishing decorating his
flat that he started a year ago but it's still not done.

James Leaves his office when his partner Gordon is waiting outside
they get in the car to go to the university. They talk about pulp
subjects on the way there when they arrive they get approached by a
police officer who instructs them to follow him.

They get to a set of stairs there's a police line there, as they are
climbing the stairs the police office tells them he believes it's a
suicide he says "there were these notes on how many pills it will take
him to overdose on. we asked his parents what he was studying and they
said pharmacy. The notes say things like" "two hundred pills im
feeling extremely sick and everything I see is blurred" We also asked
his parent what his mental...

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...offense to secretly
record people, but informed him he would Probably get off if he helped
solve this murder, Richard found the tape that was dated 02/11 when
Richard played the tape he was horrified and so was Gordon, the tape
was the evidence they needed to convict Dave when Gordon returned with
the tape, he gave it to James he entered the interviewing room present
in that room was Dave And his lawyer James played the tape, after the
tape was finished Andy's lawyer asked if he could speak to his client
alone James Obliged.

James entered the room a few minutes later and Dave stared in James
eye's "I did kill him im sorry" he then burst out in tears

Two weeks later after the Trial James and Gordon speak in the corridor
"I cant believe he made him work out his own death, that tape tells
some story's" James said.

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