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I observed at St. Eve’s Learning Center location in their preschool room. The center has a naturalistic feel to the environment and all of the staff is friendly and welcoming. The classroom displayed best practices, modern theories and research, and followed expected standards set by their accreditations.
The classroom that I observed in was arranged in a simple way. In the dramatic play center there was a long coat rack and each hook was labeled with an image and name of the outfit. This was done so the children know where do place the clothing when they are done with it or cleaning up. Also in this center was a cash register, puppets, an oven, refrigerator, ironing board, sing, dishwasher, a table set and a comfy chair. Their block center was small, and sectioned off by a shelf and an arch way in the corner of the room. In this center there was also a table. I felt that they children would not have enough room to build although I did not measure the area. The art center had stamps, children’s art work, an easel, magazines and other essential art supplies. In the same area as the art center was the writing center. In this center was maps, chalk and chalk board, stencils, a ruler, notepads, loose paper and pencils.
The library had a poster of the alphabet and numbers, a large amount of books and puzzles. Located behind the library was a shelf with musical instruments and movement accessories such as scarves. Along with a library being used as a quiet area, there was a couch placed near the art center out of the way from all centers for children to sit on. Most of the time that I observed was during free play, centers and circle time. When they start their circle time, they begin with saying their five classroom rules. The rule...

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...theory, which I do feel is a great philosophy. A teacher who displays best and developmentally appropriate practices should always provide children with new materials, ideas and activities especially in pretend play. During my observations I did not see the same interest materials out twice. The basic materials were always provided yet there was also that added extra to enhance each center.
Overall my time in this preschool classroom met all of my expectations based on best practices. I feel that on a typical day when it is the primary teacher or teachers, the room meets the expectations of best practice, NAEYC, ECERS and state standards. Once meeting the teacher, you are able to tell that she is up to date on her research and theories about children and early childhood education. The teacher truly cares about the children, their education and their future.

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