The Power of Technology: Kidnapped by Technology Essay

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Kidnapped by Technology
The power of technology make people feel fantastic, but it can silently permeate and change people’s life. When we marvel achievements of technology, it appear all around us shortly. From the initial curious, through to accustomed, until the last inseparable. Traditional interpretation of technology seems closer to productivity, people seek creation on development. However, in modern life, people feel more about what influences is. Technology optimize or even subvert essential characteristics of hardware, let us to have new cognitions and habits of use. Such as phones are not only for communication, but also for Internet access; cameras are not only for take pictures, but also for social intercourse. There are many changes like these. Technology is like a big net, be all-pervasive and extend to various aspects and make them connected. To some extent, the history of technological progress is similar to the relationship between human and technology. We crate technology and it in turn affect us. People have been kidnapped by technology because we excessive reliance on it.
The development of modern technology brings convenience to human life and resulted in transformation or loss of some basic survival skills to human beings simultaneously. To be more specific, it has directly affect individual habits and mutual exchanges. Deepest feelings is due to changes in living conditions, the way that how people communicate with each other changed dramatically. The more development on technology, the fewer opportunities to meet would be. Indirectly caused face to face communication skills getting worse. While enjoying conveniences that technological progress brings us, we forgot to experience the most original true fee...

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...itiate an activity called “Kick TVs out of the families”, designed to people who are sitting in front of TV sets can go outdoor and have some activities, in order to reduce health problems that cause by long time facing to television. For the development of technology, we should regard them with awe. While enjoying scientific and technological achievements, people should prevent technology to occupy our hearts. “Technology change life” is a slogan of one technological company. It is resounding but not exactly. Changes of Technology can be neither positive nor negative. People like a duck to water in virtual world created by technology, but do not forget that the real world is beside us. Kinship, friendship and love need to care by our grateful heart.

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