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Writing is a broad topic. A topic as broad as writing leaves loopholes and room for those who choose to of express themselves. This expression can be completely voluntary, such as a job or hobby, or involuntary, such as writings assignments for students. Yet no matter the profession of the writer, there is a common ground for all. Writing can be an art for some or a gained skill for others. No matter the interpretation, there will be hardships while writing, like writer’s blocks and numerous drafts. The moral of this is that writing is a task for all.
(Recognizing that writing is a messy/painful/imperfect: shitty first draft- child.. Diaz)
People use writing as a form of conversation between people. The writers start that conversation. They pick the topic; they research that topic and they state their own opinions or side of that issue. But behind the scenes is a larger process. Some that venture to take part of it see it as a mess. Anne Lamott in “Shitty First Draft” expresses this side of writing. She stresses that the work behind writing is one that will take time to bring any piece of writing to perfection. Lamott’s interpretation is one that anyone can relate to. She stated, “The first draft is the child’s draft, where you let it all pour out and then let it romp all over the place, knowing that no one is going to see it and that you can shape it later” (Lamott 302). I interpreted this process of pulling a story or article together is similar to a skilled test. It is like taking a 1000 piece puzzle and trying to put it together without knowing what the picture is. The process can be painful and never–ending. When I start my writing, I write down a list of topics and subtopics I want to discuss. I know no on is going to s...

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...t it is not impossible. I learned that writing is about staying true to your style but it is also about staying true to yourself. I learned to not be afraid of writing multiple drafts. Actually, it is more beneficial to write more and more. I couldn’t of learned this without reading all of these authors.

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