Essay on Personal Philosophy of Supervision

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Personal Philosophy of Supervision
Beliefs and Philosophy
School administrators are important in setting the path for a successful school (Glickman, et al., 2014). The principals could play a dynamic leadership depending on how they exercise their beliefs of the organizational and social environment (McNair, 2011). The principals are the primary facilitators for developing the foundations in learning that will last, to manage the student’s performance at schools, and seeking the improvement at school that will cause great impacts in school‘s education (Gordon,1989). In the recent years in the U.S., education has change in a more cultural diversity population, it is imperative that school supervisors, are trained to encounter this cultural issues, but also assisting others with the opportunities to develop appropriate abilities to deal with different cultures (Glickman, et al., 2014).
Even though this increasing awareness of the multicultural issues, many supervisors are not being trained how to deal with this issues in the daily practice. As a school administrator it is important to be a motivator for the teachers that are under your supervision, it is necessary to stimulate enthusiasm in all the staff (McNair, 2011). In order to cultivate passion for a change, even when people has the tendencies of not wanting changes (Glickman, et al., 2014). As humans changes are seeing as other’s plans, sometimes feel that they being imposed to someone else’s plans, when communication it is not establish it is perceived as imposition, something that it is imposed on them, feeling threat if they do not realized what they being told. People perceived different when they feel that they are in control and the supervisor is there to collaborate...

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...mational supervision.

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