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I have always considered writing to be a work in progress, and it constantly can be improved. I have always been devoted to writing. I loved to write stories as a child because I could use my creativity and create any type of character I desired. But I have struggled with writing as well. English has never been my forte. I have received A’s, B’s, C’s, and D’s on essays. I truly never found my voice in writing. In my high school, English teachers would give me mixed reviews on my writing. For example, in 9th grade my English teacher said I was organized with my thoughts, and my writing process was excellent. While in 10th,11th grade ,12th grade my teachers only said negative things about my essays. Not being a strong writer made me despise writing. Then I started to believe that writing is not important. I came to conclusion that writing is not important ,because I am going to be a Math major. I had the mindset that I am not a writer, and will never be a writer. But, my thoughts about writing changed when I started taking English at CSUN.
I was scared to start my first semester at CSUN, because I left my Calabasas bubble, and I had to start fresh. I was scared to take English because I did not know if at Calabasas my English teachers prepared me ,well enough. I was scared that I would not be successful in a college English class. Luckily, English 114A was an eye opener because it made me understand that I am writer, and I that I know how to write. English 114A allowed me to see writing to be a creative process. It was amazing to explore different styles of writing from writing to an author or simply writing an analysis on a silly South Park episode. English 114A, slowly made me love writing again. In English 114A I ...

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...riter has had its highs and its lows, thank you professor for making me love writing again. I was able to find my voice as a writer. I do not despise writing an essay anymore. Now I am passionate about writing for so many reasons. I love how I am able to express myself and my beliefs without actually saying them. I love how writing forces me to focus everything I have on it, giving me a hobby, along with something I can do to escape real life for a moment, and just express myself.
Thank you professor for making English 114/B a class to look forward to every Monday and Wednesday. English gave me the opportunity to do something else, rather than solving math problems. I cannot wait to see how I will be able to use my writing, in whatever career path I decide to choose. This is not the end towards my journey of being a perfect writer, it is just the beginning.

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