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Differences between paper-based dictionaries and electronic dictionaries:
Nesi (1998) classifies dictionaries into two modes of presentation: paper-based dictionaries and computer-based dictionaries (also known as electronic dictionaries). The main difference between electronic dictionaries and paper-based dictionaries is not their information content but their retrieval system (Nesi, 2000). In a study presented by Zainab Saleh AlBulushy on E-dictionaries versus paper-based ones, she presented the main differences between both types. She used ten features to compare between the two types. These differences are presented below:
Feature Electronic dictionary Paper dictionary
Vocabulary Beyond 1 million words 300,000 max
Speech English and foreign No
Updates Manual, PC, and Internet No
Search/Search speed (average on 50 words) 2.1 sec 15.6 sec
Interactive Learning Functions Irregular Verbs, Idioms, Dialogs, Sentence Structure, Accent correction, Grammar No
Additional features Databank, reference book, voice recorder, calculator, MP3 No
Power supply 2-3AAA batteries No need
Size Average 6 x 3 x 1” 7 x 10 “
Weight Average 3-5 oz Average 15-25 oz
Mobility (1 to 10) 9 4

Many earlier studies discussed the use of E-dictionaries and paper-based dictionaries as a learning tool. In a study conducted by Anna Dziemianko (2010), she states that students who used E-dictionaries perform better than those who used paper-based ones. Those who support the use of E-dictionaries think that they are a better learning tool since its use affects students' withholding of meaning and gives higher chances for more effective recovery of learned words. (Dziemianko A. 2010).

Types of E- dictionaries:
There are a lot of classifications of diction...

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.../ htm#sob [2006, May 27]
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