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The observation project component consisted of ten hours, two hours per age grouping. I selected four different settings and enjoyed my time at each place. Each location and setting is different as well as teaching styles.
When I observed an infant room at the King’s College Early Learning Center, I was in awe over how well the childcare providers as well as how the classroom is setup. Most importantly I enjoyed my time with the infants. While I was in the room there were 6 infants, most of the infants were not mobile but were very active in play and attempting to be mobile. While I was in this room, I focused my observation on two infants one was a four month old boy and the other infant was an eight month old girl. The four month old boy was babbling, smiling, and mouthing objects. He also was able to support his head while on his stomach and grasp toys with his hand and shake it. The eight month old girl was exhibiting all of the skills as the four month old boy although she was exhibiting other skills as well. She was banging items, sitting up on her own and also pulling up to a standing position using a shelf or another adult in the room.
The following age group I observed was older toddlers at Little Meadows Learning Center. While I was in this room there were 14 toddlers that were two years old. I was in this room for circle, free play, centers, outside time and lunch. Throughout this time the children were very active and I decided to observe two toddlers. The first toddler was a boy who turned two about a month ago. From my observations he is loving, strong hearted, likable and highly active. He does not have a large vocabulary and speaks fast. While running at times it seemed as if his feet could not keep up with how ...

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...ions and was paying attention throughout the class time.
While observing at the settings I took note of some of the techniques that I did not see before or enjoyed. A few that I took note of was while at Wilkes-Barre Academy the teacher taught social-studies. At the start of the year she assigned each child a state as a first name and a capital as the last name. Most of the children from my observations knew all of the states and capitals. Another technique that I observed was in the school age classroom. The teacher would gain the students attention by clapping or playing a rhythm on the piano. The students would then clap it back, this continued until the room became quite and the teacher began to talk. My overall experience of my observations were satisfactory, I enjoyed visiting various centers, meeting new people and observing techniques used in the classroom.

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