Essay on The Next Step in Brain Evolution

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This experience will first cause an addiction of feeling power and self worth. During this, people actually feel more confident and connected, which leads them to the path of continuous partial attention. There will be a boost of energy and memory can actually increase in short-terms. The problem is, that when the brains can no longer handle the excessive amount of information. In this stage, stress and adrenaline shoots up in the body and long-term exposure can be detrimental to both mental and physical health. Evidence supports the idea that these events can alter neural pathways, changing our brain physiology. (Small and Vorgan, 2008). This means that parts of the brain that is in control of mood and thoughts are being transformed without knowing the effects of it.
There is another article that is written by Richard Woods called Report: The Next Step in Brain Evolution focuses on a young woman who said “First thing every morning I wake up, check my mobile for messages, have a cup of tea and check my e-mails… Technology is an essential part of my everyday social and academic life.” Woods describes her as a “digital native” because she grew up in the technological era. Her mother however is refereed to as a “digital immigrant”, a person who did not grow up with technology. He used these two individuals as an example of how the explosion of technology in our lives is only increasing. More things are being done, the impossible suddenly becomes possible and now we are able to connect human brains to a computer. If we actually started to connect our physical self to a computer, would we still be human? That type of evolution will be the death of all things natural. We can only imagine the outcome of what our future technology w...

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