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Summary of Instructional Problem
Many students in high school lack the ability to write at a proficient level. One of the major issues with writing is that they struggle to understand the prompt and do not know how to start their essay. If they cannot “unlock” the prompt and write proper topic and thesis statements they will not get a passing score on their writing assignment, both in the classroom and at the State testing level.
Differences Between Conditions
Current Conditions
Students struggle to understand writing prompts. Instead of starting with a strong topic and thesis statement they are frustrated and confused by what is expected of them. They are unable to begin the process and cannot organize their thoughts into a written response.
Desired Conditions
Students in Eleventh Grade College Preparatory English classes will be able to read a writing prompt and understand what it is asking them to do. They will demonstrate this by being able to restate the prompt into a topic sentence and articulate their response with an appropriate thesis statement.
Data Collection Processes
Discussion of Data Collection Instruments Used
Qualitative and quantitative instruments were used in obtaining data for this instructional problem. The first instrument used was quantitative, the instructor gave students a writing assignment, and when it was graded, it was clear that there was a problem with effective topic and thesis statements, as well as general organization of the paper. To be sure that this wasn’t an isolated problem, the second instrument was developed; a quantitative instrument that surveyed the teachers, asking for information on their students comprehensive writing skills.
Discussion of Sources of Data
For the qualit...

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... this method with their students so that we can get writing support cross-curricularly.
Goal of Instruction
Students in Eleventh Grade College Preparatory English classes will be able to read a writing prompt and understand what it is asking them to do. They will demonstrate this by being able to restate the prompt into a topic sentence and articulate their response with an appropriate thesis statement. In addition they will be able to organize their paper and support their ideas with evidence from the text provided.

Early Assessment Program. (2013). Retrieved from California State Universtiy:
School Accountability Report Card. (2012). Retrieved from Chowchilla Union High School

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