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Elementary and high schools are not preparing their students well enough to understand the writing process, which mostly affect them during the transition from high school to college. It is clear that elementary and high school students don’t fully understand the five steps of writing the limitation of sentences per a paragraph and how to gather information from different sources and give credit to the source or cited.
Everyone has their own way of writing. Writing can occur in a personal letter or a business letter, essays, stories, and music. Writing to connect with one or more people, like a group the process of writing is require. Collecting ideas and thinking deeper for a draft paper. This is a part of the process of writing. After a draft paper a person is require to revise the paper, to correct all the mistake that might have left in there and write a final paper, which is cleaner and clear to understand.
Fallowing the process of wring leads the writer to a better connection with their readers; it helps a writer get better in wring about anything. For some students, it is litter hard to get use to this process but after writing a couple of papers using this process, it should get easier. It is not hard after couple times of using it. It might be a bit hard for kinds in the elementary, maybe just because they don’t take writing any serious. Or it’s just the fact that they don’t enjoy the topic of the writing that the teacher had assigned them to write about. Once a person gets in high school writing becomes one of their close friend. The writing process is always needed, in writing a college essay, class essay or even writing for something different.
To start any writing for any paper, collecting ideas is always a g...

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...s hard for high school student to get around the college way of writing because in high school kids mostly read books and writes about, in other words high school essay writing is focused on illustrating that you’ve understood what you read. In college it is different from what elementary and high school teaches because what you used to earn “A” doing in college will lead a lower grade. College is more into standing on your ground, meaning arguments and showing evidence to support what you believe.
Since these low lever educational courses doesn’t prepare their student well enough for college and also to be better writers. Elementary and high schools makes harder for kids who are going to college because instead of teaching them what is needed they teach them things that are not needed which cause them to restart the who process ones they get in college.

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