My Cultural Shock Experienced in Lancaster, UK Essay

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With our advancement of information technologies, we can communicate with our friends instantly without the restrictions of time and space. Such instantaneous communication has the potential to increase the amount of communication that occurs among people from different cultures (Lustig and Koester 7-8). However, we are not able to experience other countries’ culture unless we have been to that place.

In this journal, I will share my cultural shock experienced in Lancaster. It is a small city in the North West of United Kingdom (UK) which is a historic city dominated by Lancaster Castle. I am going to analyze my cultural shock by using the D-I-E framework. I will describe my experience in Lancaster in two sections, which are interactions and doing group assignments with students. Then interpret the situations and afterwards evaluate it. Self-reflection and improvements on intercultural competence will also be included in the conclusion.

Interpersonal communication is a form of communication that involves a small number of individuals who are interacting exclusively with one another and who therefore have the ability both to adapt their messages specifically for those others and to obtain immediate interpretations from them (Lustig and Koester 19). However, when I was in Lancaster, I had encountered difficulties in communicating with the local students and I could not understand their messages at once. I felt confusion and frustration so I was not able to respond to them immediately. The main reason behind is contributed to the language difference between HK and UK. The mother language in HK and UK are different and I found that I miss my familiar language which at home would have been part of my everyday environme...

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...ngth, both verbal and nonverbal communication skills, ability to adapt to new environment and cultural awareness which I should understand how people with different cultural backgrounds think and act. By appreciate the host culture and solve the conflicts in between, intercultural relationships can be built up. Consequently, I will attain acculturation in the country and gain valuable experience for my personal growth.

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