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A website is used by different people for different uses. Each website can be evaluated for its usefulness by the general public based on certain criteria as discussed in this article.
A website discussing about particular disease like ADHD should be evaluated on the following criteria (Engle, 2014.), (“Evaluating Web Pages,”2012), (Tillman, 2003):
1. Context & Coverage of the topic: The visitor to such a website will be interested in knowing more about the disease, its treatment, medications, local support groups, and different events associated with disease, et al. The language of the content whether it’s too technical or elementary or too advanced should be looked into. It has to be visually appealing and interesting to users with appropriate use of graphics.
2. Credibility: The website’s credibility should be analyzed with respect to the author, its date of publication, it’s edited or revised version and its publisher.
3. URL: The URL of the website and each of its web pages should give an idea about the contents of the webpage.
4. Appropriate Format: The site should be easily navigable from one topic / web page to another topic/webpage. The links should be easily visible. The site should be checked for links to other websites related to the topic.
5. Feedback from other websites: The website can be evaluated based on statistics from sites like The better the ranking, the higher is its reliability.
6. Comparability with related sources: The website should provide relevant content on the lines of content in other popular websites on the same topic.
7. Software/Hardware/Multimedia requirements: The website should be evaluated on the basis of the ease of usage of the website with not much requirements of ...

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...94 globally. On an average daily there are only 4 page views per visitor and the bounce rate is 46.30%. Most of its visitors are from U.S. (70.8%).It has two other sites related to ADHD and there are other useful sites related to or providing links to this website. It needs to be worked on to improve its rankings.
It has good website content comparable to other sites related to ADHD but still much more can be incorporated to provide a comprehensive coverage of the topic as is provided in sites like
The website does not specify any requirement of specific software/hardware /multimedia for navigating through it.
Since the Internet is free-for-all and unmonitored the user needs to evaluate the contents and credibility of the website depending on an individual’s needs. The criteria used for evaluating a website may vary from person to person.

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