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The basic concept and basic principles of human behavior is good. Includes the study of universal values such as equality between sexs of men and women, the natural rights of human, obedience to the laws of the country, environmental issues to health and safety and the preservation of the natural environment. See also human morality. For example, the shortage of ethics is evident when male workers refused to admit female colleagues as equivalent, resulting in his dismissal from the organization.

Each task or daily work done requires ethics. Not only made in terms of business, teaching, learning and etc., but need ways to do the job according to the job description set. Ethics is a way of handling the job, rightly or wrongly done. Have errors or mistakes of human understanding that ethics are focused on factors regulations or laws alone. Ethics generally refers to behavior, morals and the way a person does things. However, ethics and law are closely aligned. In which case, the ethical rules set for each task performed. When someone does not follow the stated ethics, fleeced or do the wrong way to solve the task. Then how to understand that ethics and laws related to each other.

Many people tend to equate ethics with their feelings. But it became apparent ethics is not a matter of one feeling. In fact, the feeling can only recoil from doing what is right. In fact, feelings frequently deviate from what is ethical.

No needs to recognize that ethics and religion is a religion of equalization as most certainly support the highest ethical standards. But if ethics is confined to religion, then ethics would apply only to those that stand alone. But ethics applies as much to the behavior of those who adhere to the religion. Religion ca...

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