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Though its had its shares of market ups and down micro-brewing is a stable to american beer business.

Micro-brewing took off in the early 90’s with brew pubs. People where looking for a more original taste. Micro beers took form of a affordable luxury. Furthermore people wanted to disconnect with the rapid consumerism from the 80’s with wall-mart’s and Mc Donald's showing up everywhere. People where also starting to connect with their local towns and history trying to distinguish their home town from another. Micro-breweries and brew pubs mostly local owned and operated. Likewise, they often tend to use local ingredients for the brews. Furthermore many micro-brews are marketed towards that local audience by often featuring blue collar work themes such as: steamboats, lumber mills or railroads. This is more then passive qualities, like a big brewer such as Anheuser Busch for example. These are conscious efforts. In addition, many local micro breweries sponsor local sports teams or historical events (Schnel, Steven).

Micro-brewing tends to focus on the craft and have a diverse taste. In fact, many have gone so far as to use many non-traditional ingredients such as tea’s and exotic fruits. Many even create recipes based on historical findings. Author Bilger states in an article about how dog fish head makes it’s beer that, they would go so far as to hire a archeological chemist to run an analysis a Phrygian rulers barrels to discover they made a form of beer and the brewer try to recreate it. Later while recreated the brew Bilger writes:
The mixture contained cardamom, coriander, ginger, allspice, rampe leaves, lemongrass, curry powder, and black tea, custom blended for Calagione in India. It would be added at the last ...

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