Medical Marijuana: A Safe and Effective Alternative Medication Essay

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In today’s society, there are certain diseases that are debilitating and causing painful reactions to Americans throughout the United States. The patient with MS who cannot control the spasms created by their disease, the rheumatoid arthritis patient with pain so severe they cannot rest and nothing seems to be easing the pain. Then there is the AIDS patient who cannot eat, as they are so nauseated from the HIV medications that they are taking; these patients have just some of the disease scenarios that medicinal marijuana can help. Many people have long used marijuana for both medicinal and other purposes for many years. However, its modern use is a very controversial issue having both strong supporters as well as firm opponents. With all the clinical studies that have been done on marijuana it has been proven effective enough when compared to conventional treatments to overcome the fact that it is an illegal substance therefore, it should be legalized for medical purposes.
Marijuana has been found, through clinical trials, when used by MS patients or patients with spinal cord injuries that it can relieve spasticity, pain, and tremors. In the AIDS patient, marijuana has been found to quickly relieve nausea and vomiting at the same time increasing the appetite of the patient. This has helped significantly in those patients with AIDS –wasting syndrome. When this happens, the patient who has a lowered or nonexistent immune system becomes susceptible to increased risk of infection and muscle wasting, as they are unable to eat the needed proteins and carbohydrates to support recovery.
As of today, 15 states have passed propositions that allow patients the use of medical marijuana. California, Alaska, Oregon, Washington...

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