Essay on The Media's Representation of Dexter, the Ethical Serial Killer

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I placed the knife on the table and turned around, pinning my gaze inside the plastic wrapped room that I had carefully prepared. An agonized face glared back at me, blue eyes burned beneath the black eyebrows. “What the hell is this?” I carelessly studied the forehead which tightened and twitched with tension and my gaze wandered off to his left cheek. “This... is the moment of truth.” I replied to his cry with ease. He was breathing heavily. Oh, this felt so good. It has been a very long time since I let my dark passenger come out to play. Thirty-eight days, sixteen hours, and twelve minutes to be precise, Trinity has kept me occupied long enough. Then I sliced his left cheek to take my blood slide.
Dexter, the ethical serial killer, appears once more on our screens running its fourth season of sensation on our screens. Changing the definition of scary serial killers as previously connoted in the media. But does Dexter represent a discourse on our understanding of serial killers? This essay is a discourse analysis which explores how the television show Dexter changed the representation of serial killers on prime-time television and the discourse of the ideological functions of serial killers. It will compare and contrast the differences in which the identities of Dexter Morgan and the Trinity Killer are represented in the media.
The media’s ideological perception of hero was almost always cops and prosecutors enthusiastically labouring to sew up the moral and social structure on television. Viewers enjoyed these characters hugging our screens, and devotedly follow them week after week as they appear with yet another criminal to prosecute. Admirers take pleasure in seeing yet another mutilated corps appearing in CSI-land. The ...

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...’s craftiest trick. Their hidden features don’t reveal itself as their subterfuge is extremely masterful. The artifice is similar to that of an optical illusion that alternately presents one of two possible realities. The human is actually a role-play in society only performed when someone is there to watch. The role of the husband and father, brother, colleague and friend, all in the name of blending in and sometimes are genuine, i.e. Trinity is portrayed as to genuinely loving husband and father.
However, there is another reality, the killer, and the one that makes the act of appearing normal to society successful. I.e. when Dexter has just killed someone, he is able to communicate with his wife on a better level, but his thoughts are represented to you by his voice-over, where you can see that he is rehearsing his role and what to say to his wife continuously.

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