Media Violence: Jenni Herd Passionate Letter To The Times Essay

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A young girl named Jenni Herd, 16, presented the world with a new thought in March of 2014. She wrote a passionate letter to The Times where she explains how she was fed up with adults who tried to explain a teenager’s behavior. Jenni wrote, “We no longer flinch at bloody images of war because we’ve grown up seeing the chaos in the Middle East and elsewhere. Most of us are cynical and pessimistic because of the environment we’ve grown up in…” She continues on trying to explain how teenagers feel in today’s world, how angry they are at the world, the way we live, and the fact that their generation will be left to fix the problems the generation before will leave them with. She wants to be treated like an adult and not as some “strange creatures from another world” (Herd). This may serve as a new outlet to why kids are behaving more dramatically these days. There’s nothing wrong with them mentally, it’s the world we all live in and the way kids and teenagers are treated.
It makes sense when you realize how often we see violence, we ourselves are used to it because we have also grown up observing an unnecessary amount of negative news on our ordinary stations. For every one positive report there is approximately seventeen negative ones, which is outrageous (Williams). There are people in our society doing positive things and I believe we should embrace those rather than the negative ones. The sad realization is still that we have become people who are entertained by violence and murder. Business Insider pointed out the seven most violent shows on cable as well as the seven most violent dramas on broadcast TV in the fall of 2013, all of them airing on big networks such as FX, AMC, FOX, and NBC (Acuna). It is interesting that ABC did ...

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