Meaning and Importance of Physics

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What is Physics?
The Meaning and Importance

During the seventeenth century, the modern science of physics started to emerge and become a widespread tool used around the world. Many prominent people contributed to the build up of this fascinating field and managed to generally define it as the science of matter and energy and their interactions. However, as we know, physics is much more than that. It explains the world around us in every form imaginable. The study of physics is a fundamental science that helps the advancing knowledge of the natural world, technology and aids in the other sciences and in our economy. Without the field of physics, the world today would be a complete mystery, everything would be different because of the significance physics has on our life as individuals and as a society.
In the natural world, physicists find new discoveries constantly. Some of these discoveries include the study of motion and forces. The well-known scientist, Isaac Newton, came up with the three laws of motion, which state rules and facts about the movement of an object. Our textbook states the laws of motion, as ?A body in motion will remain in motion at a constant speed and direction unless an outside force acts upon it. The net force acting upon an object is directly related to the mass and acceleration of the object resulting acceleration is in the direction of the net force, which is the vector sum of all forces acting upon the object. Finally, the third law of motion states that when one object applies a force to another, the other object applies the same amount of force back to the first object, but in opposite directions.? With these laws of motion, we can understand in detail how our world works. Also, that the movement of an object is more complex than a simple push. This discovery is taught to students all over the world because of its great importance and will continue to enhance the knowledge of the mystery of our earth.
The importance of physics not only lies in the discoveries of the natural world, but in the technology in our modern lives. Today we use many gadgets in our everyday tasks, which act as convenient aids to all of our needs. Some of these little novelties are cell phones, radios, computers, lasers used in eye surgery, fiber optics used in phone lines, calculators, hearing aids, and even global positioning systems.

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These forms of technology were created and invented using the science of physics. Without these novelties in our lives, things would be extremely different. How would we communicate from long distances, or how would we solve complex problems in our math and science classes? Technology in my opinion involves the most important discoveries known within the last century thanks to the physicists and their studies.
The field of physics plays a large role in other sciences and in our economy. The general ?science? includes many fields such as biology and chemistry. The truth is, without physics, the other sciences would not have a starting base to stand and grow on. Physics is used as a tool in all of the other sciences and is a building block to the educational backgrounds of a scientist. Physics even includes the basic laboratory skills needed in other forms of science and medical research. The reason why physics is essential to our everyday life is its importance to the economy. The study of physics has brought numerous new inventions and discoveries. For this reason, an increase in money has landed in the United States that has dramatically helped our economy in the past century. Also, because it has landed new research and is discovering new fields of industry in order to save our country?s money.
The study of physics is much more than solving tedious equations, it is a combination of the study of matter and energy and their interactions. Physics can even go to a further extent involving the discoveries of the natural world, technology and the importance it holds for other sciences and our economy. The field of physics is indeed a variety of concepts used in a classroom as well as concepts used in our modern lives and society. Without physics, the world today would be extremely different and would be a complete mystery of all that surrounds us.

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