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Classroom is to provide a place to learn, but it will also have to learn bad disorder phenomena, one of the reasons for this phenomenon is that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Management of ADHD in the classroom students need doctors, teachers and parents working together, we hope to offer some strategies to help teachers how to manage ADHD students in the classroom. If you are a parent of children with ADHD, you can try to make teachers understand the following information to help teachers manage boy together.

We want to know, ADHD symptoms can be successfully controlled by medication, behavioral, psychological and other comprehensive treatment of a variety of modes. Want to successfully treat ADHD, requires a thorough understanding of ADHD.

The most important points about ADHD basic information:

1, the cause is unknown, scientists believe that the main neurotransmitter in the brain dysfunction;

2, ADHD is a kind of real disease, not because of poverty, personality, intelligence, etc. caused;

3, ADHD in children and adolescents is considered to be the most common behavioral problems;

4,70% of children with ADHD symptoms persist into adolescence, 30% continue into adulthood;

5, ADHD can not rely on high-tech diagnostic examination and blood tests, but rather rely on their parents to fill in a questionnaire to assess the behavior of medical professionals and experienced parents were interviewed to draw diagnostic conclusions.

When you suspect class, a student may be suffering from ADHD, you can:

1, record the behavior of the children in particular;

2, will be recorded to the relevant personnel, such as the child's parents or doctors;

3, as appropriate to discuss how to help your child to parti...

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...ered when children refuse medication, get in touch with parents, parents and teachers try to explain to the child the medication "to make school more interesting," "make memory better" and so on.

If the above strategies do not work, then you can step back, relax, sit down and discuss countermeasures and colleagues.

For Parents: Get in touch with your child's teacher, tell the teacher exactly, the child has been diagnosed as a professional ADHD, teachers and doctors may be able to recommend a meeting to discuss how to manage the boy's behavior. If the teacher still refuses to believe or help the child, the child can be considered another class. You can also discuss with your child ADHD: Children should know their real situation, and tell them, but they suffer from ADHD in some ways with other people is not the same, this is not the same as not wrong nor bad.

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