Essay on The Lives of Immigrants: Now and Then

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Immigration has changed majorly over the years. The system that the immigrants go through has evolved into a simpler system over the decades. Also the family life of the immigrants has become much more supported, as opposed to back when it brutal and children were sent to work right beside the adults. The living conditions and job opportunities of the immigrants have transformed into a healthier environment, and the challenges they faced have become easier to handle. Immigration has been the key to success in some cases, but in others their stories are harsh and hard to hear. The transformation that immigration has gone through over the past century is tremendous and should be recognized by all.
To begin with, the system of immigration in the early 1900s was very tough to get through. Examinations and vaccinations of the immigrants needed to be done, and both immigrants and their baggage had to be disinfected before they could leave Ellis Island. At the entrance, the immigrants were inspected for contagious diseases like, measles, yellow fever, and small pox. Next came the reception line. They had to climb three floors of stairs as medical officers watched them for signs of lameness, shortness of breath, heart conditions and mental conditions. The next examination was called the eyelid lift. The doctors used a hook to lift the eyelids to look for trachoma. Finally they were given a test where they had to answer questions like name, sex, marital status, occupation, nationality, ability to read and write, race and mental state, how much money they had, and prison records. To all the immigrants who had to go through this “testing”, it was so worth it.
Now to become and American citizen you have to pass a process beginning with bei...

... middle of paper ... place to live on their own. It’s brutal but bearable, and they should be
thankful that they aren’t living in the early 1900s where the conditions were much more
In conclusion, the lives of immigrants have had an all over transformation over the last century and will continue to change throughout the years. Through the hardships of being accepted into America and being invaded by personal means, immigrants are given a chance to succeed. Then to the family life of the immigrants, which tended to be split and torn, it built an inner strength in each individual immigrant. Lastly, to the living conditions and job opportunities that put the immigrants to the ultimate test, they were the make or break point for the better half of the new citizens. The transformation of immigration over the years has been incredible and should be widely recognized.

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