Learning-Style Responsive Approaches for Teaching Typically Performing and At-Risk Adolescents

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Learning-style responsive approaches for teaching typically performing and at-risk adolescents.
Chalk and talk lectures are hurting at-risk students achievement potential. Many at-risk students are not performing on standardized tests when they are taught using traditional teaching methods of lectures, note taking, and assigned reading and questioning. Furthermore, at-risk students usually struggle, lose interest and motivation and often become embarrassed or depressed by failure when taught under these methods. Many at-risk students struggle with processing new information globally and cannot follow teachers when they teach step-by-step. They also cannot sit still for more than a few minutes often do not remember or understand what they read. However, this articles shows that these students when involved in hands-on activity oriented lessons become engaged in their own learning.
When they are engaged, they show an increase in achievement and motivation. It is important that teachers understand that these student do not remember at least 70% of what they read or hear and they do not have the concentration to stay interested in the material in this format. While PowerPoint does provide visuals assisting many students, tactual and kinesthetic learners need more than just the visuals and videos that PowerPoint offers. The article suggests that students learn on their feet and stay active moving around the classroom while using manipulatives. These students are able to internalize comprehensive information using small motor movements. One social studies class placed document-based questions around the classroom and the teacher held an exam where the students had to move around the room and answer any five questio...

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...We as teachers should not be forcing them into which techniques they should use because typically we would just be forcing them into what we are comfortable with. I do understand that letting go of control in a classroom of at-risk students could be difficult. However, if you worked on modeling proper procedures during the first couple of class periods your students should be comfortable with what they need to do. All the articles I reviewed kind of work together. If you provide students with the freedom to work together and use their hands, they are more successful add to that the freedom to work the problem and make mistakes they can learn even more. I think these are best practices we should use in any classroom and I will do my best to un-structure my lessons and allow students the freedom to move around the classroom while working on their math skills.

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