Kaizen: a Philosophy that Focuses upon Continuous Improvement of Processes in Manufacturing, Engineering, and Business Management

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In the real world, every company faces several problems. The perfect situation in business never exists. Being aware of that is always beneficial. However, nowadays many companies have undefined problems which unsolved can cause loss of money or reputation. Without seeing the problem, it is impossible to define it and find its roots. According to Kaizen26, problem is a positive aspect of prospering, as it forces the change and improvement. Generally, Kaizen is a philosophy that focuses upon continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing, engineering, and business management. It helps to improve and standardize activities, and eliminate waste.
If one has a clearly defined problem (1) and its causes (2), one can state the clear goal (3), which is essential when dealing with a project. Only having the aim makes it possible to see if everything is going in the right direction. Additionally, it helps in determining and choosing the way of action.
At the beginning of the project, the problem was not given. The only information was a kind of the company, in which the project would be held, and the main area of its operation. Thus, first undertaken action was finding out about the RFQ process, prototyping and general work in the manufacturing company (the result of this research is shown in chapter 6. “Theoretical background”). Step by step more topics and ideas, which needed to be investigated, were discovered. This stage of the project was extremely useful, as it broadened the general perception of the project. However, it was the first visit in Faurecia, which helped to define the problem precisely. In Grójec it was possible to see how the prototype shop works, and to ask many meaningful questions to the employees concerning the...

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...f prototyping, which are not often seen (if ever) at the regular production plant. That is why engineers doing Feasibility Study have to be very flexible and, at the same time, very efficient and well organized. Quick response to customer is very important as time (together with good quality and reasonable price) is the factor which plays huge role for the client and is really appreciated.
For each new RFQ received, prototype shop must start a kind of new, small production line. Planning it, as well as predicting all the costs connected with it, is extremely hard and includes high time pressure. The necessary steps before putting together the Final Offer are: Feasibility Study, Technical Analysis and Cost Calculation. To do that, engineers from Feasibility Study Team, people from Cost Evaluation Team and suppliers need to work together and communicate efficiently.

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