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The Internet is a place where one may pretend to be anyone or anything anyone wanted to- even if that means lying to thousands of innocent mothers who had experienced the loss of a child. Jenna Evans decided to post online about the death of her child, Bentley, who had passed away due to a brain disorder. Many mothers who had felt this same heartbreak befriended her. Evans posted later that her oldest child, Hailey, had come down with flu-like symptoms in which she was then admitted into the hospital with meningitis. Evans later posted that Hailey had passed away as well. Her entire virtual family rushed to her side via e-mails, phone calls, and texts. However, little did they know, Evans had been faking this life the entire time. The real individual in which Evans had stolen her photos and stories from confronted her, causing her to spill the beans that she had faked the entire thing, and that Bentley was made up while Hailey was a child she had during her teenage years that she gave up for adoption.
It is apparent that Jenna Evans had some remorse from giving her child, Hailey, up for adoption in which she may have begun tricking her mind into believing that Hailey was in a way deceased to her. Evans could have been in a state of psychological impairment in which caused her to feed off of this innocent woman’s life and actually formed another identity based on this women’s life. This could have fulfilled her need for attention, and filled the space in her heart from letting Hailey go as a teenage which obviously causes some psychological impairment on anyone.
Jenna Evans was indefinitely impaired by her lack of communication outside of the virtual world, thus causing her to thirst for the attention via the web. Upon her post ab...

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...eties moral standards. Obviously, this is just Freud’s theory as well as a few of his fellow psychodynamic theorists. This could have very well been the issue Evans had, but it also could have been so much more.
There are many different theories out there that could help researchers understand more of why people like Evans do things such as form an alternative life outside of their own, especially since the internet has made it easier to create an entire world where no one has to know who one really is or if they are being completely honest. Many people do abnormal things on the Internet, but there are the few that there behaviors suggests abnormality to the extreme. The nature of these events are becoming less rare, but the reason why individuals need this alternative lifestyle for fulfillment is not widely research but the future hopefully will hold more answers.

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